Toromont believes that sound environmental practices are a corporate responsibility and can also yield business and economic advantages for our company.

For example, we have created growth and product differentiation with CIMCO through the introduction of ECO CHILL technology, which helps customers recycle energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The products and expertise of Toromont CAT are harnessed in the waste management industry to turn methane gas into electrical power.

Anti-idling policies for our service vehicles are helping to reduce fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Equipment Group employs kidney loop filtration systems to cleanse oil of contaminants as small as one micron and recycle the refreshed product - which meets factory standards - in our customers' equipment. This removes the need for disposal and is a very important capability in remote sites where new oil is not readily available.

These are just a few examples. Click here to learn more about our environmental standards.