Health and Safety
Our goal is to provide a safe and accident free environment and to have “the best” safety record in every industry in which we participate.

At Toromont, protecting the health and welfare of our people is key to how we conduct our business. No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it properly and complete it safely.

We provide a place of employment with safe working conditions and accident prevention training programs and systems.

Understanding that safety and accident prevention are individual operational responsibilities, this commitment requires all employees to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental accidents, through the use of their good judgment and the diligent and consistent application of Company guidelines and procedures.

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"Safety must be everyone's concern throughout the Corporation. Management has both a moral and a legal responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for all its employees, and every supervisor has a specific responsibility in this area. Every employee also has a personal responsibility to take all reasonable precautions in every activity, not just to ensure his or her own personal safety, but also to avoid creating, and to prevent, any danger to others."